Welcome Wine Bank
& Carmel Rancho Nails Spa!

Wine Bank is an unpretentious, buzzing little wine bar with exquisite bites to savor while you sip from our spectacular library of wines. Take advantage of the beautiful outdoor seating areas and courtyard or position yourself by the piano to enjoy some live music. Join your friends or make new ones at the Wine Bank. The answers to life’s dilemmas may not lie at the bottom of a bottle of wine but we think you should still come and at least check.



Carmel Rancho Shopping Center is a hub for all things Carmel.

Carmel Rancho Shopping Center could be the perfect location for your business.

Suite E - 105 - +/-1500 square feet mixed use
Suite E - 104 - +/- 600 square feet mixed use
Suite F 201 +/- 890 square feet Office
Suite A (back) +/- 6,835 square feet mixed use

For more information, contact the Property Manager at 831-238-8262 or crscleasing@gmail.com


Weekly and monthly events to remember

Carmel Rancho Shopping Center is a hub for all things Carmel. From DJ backed, high performance cycle rides to classical ballet exhibits, to plain art painting, Green Egg grilling, wine tasting and open mic nights, we’ve got something for everyone. Immerse yourself in the spirit of our surroundings.
Join us for celebrations big and small.

We service the exercise devotees, outdoor enthusiasts, dog lovers, tiny dancers, gourmet cooks, classic car aficionados, house hunters, financial experts, home decorators, gardeners, and music diehards. The Carmel Rancho Shopping Center has it all! Dog friendly. Ample and free parking. Co-work spaces. Special events.
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